The Importance of Music and Sound in Your Wedding Part II

So You Have A Wedding DJ

After our last post, we hope you’ve decided to hire a DJ for your wedding! If so, this blog post will provide you with more information on the services your Entertainment Unlimited DJ can provide. Above all, we strive to create a seamless, beautiful soundscape for your wedding. From tender moments to high-energy dancing, our DJs will partner with you to make your big day sound as beautiful as it looks!

More Than Music Matters: Vows, Toasts, and More

As we touched on in Part I of this blog series, your wedding audio includes more than just music. You’ll need a system that can handle mic inputs, too. This is most notably needed during the ceremony, during which you, your new spouse, and your officiant will walk through the exchanging of vows, the pronouncement of marriage, and any other components you decided to include. If you have a very small ceremony, this piece is not as essential, but any guests who are hard of hearing will appreciate the extra effort.

Speaking of mics, Entertainment Unlimited can provide subtle wireless mics that will remain concealed throughout the ceremony. You won’t have to worry about passing around a handheld mic that will block your face and ruin photos. We stay on top of the latest audio tech and spare no detail to ensure the focus remains on you, not us or the equipment.

While the reception is a bit more forgiving of prominent audio equipment, your ceremony requires a more subtle approach. Most couples would rather their wedding photos not be littered with cords and speakers. At Entertainment Unlimited, we provide 100% wireless sound systems that allow for the flexibility you need to set up your ceremony as you please. You won’t be tied to the outlet placement in the venue, and you can easily bring high-quality sound to remote or outdoor locations.

When it comes time for your wedding party and special guests to deliver their toasts, high-quality sound is crucial. It is during these speeches that guests can begin to tune out if sound volume and clarity are not just right. For guests who are sitting far from the speaker, poor sound can result in them missing out on these heartfelt messages. For the speakers, a faulty sound system can result in buzzing, humming, and ear-piercing feedback that makes them feel awkward in the spotlight.

DJs Bring The Music To Match Your Wedding

We may be touching on music last, but that’s simply because it’s the most well-known service we bring to the table as DJs. On top of our ability to manage a high-quality sound system for your wedding, we will of course ensure you have the best music playing through that sound system.

Book a Wedding DJ with Entertainment Unlimited

At Entertainment Unlimited, we provide professional DJs for weddings in New England, New Jersey, New York, and Florida. When you choose us, you can feel confident that we’ll take care of all your music and sound system needs. We want you to be completely happy with your decision, which is why we offer complimentary, no-obligation planning sessions with your potential DJ to ensure they are the right fit for your wedding day. Contact us today to get started!

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