The Importance of Music and Sound in Your Wedding Part I

Music And Sound Systems For Your Wedding

With so many visual elements to plan — outfits, decor, furniture layouts, cake style — it’s easy to forget about the audio components of your big day. However, music and sound play an important role in your wedding, and the earlier you incorporate them into your planning, the less stress you’ll endure as your wedding approaches. In this blog post, we’ll explain why sound and music are important in your wedding, while listing out the steps you should consider when planning for these components.

At Entertainment Unlimited, we have more than two decades of experience providing professional DJ services for weddings and events of all sizes. When you choose us, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your music and sound systems will run smoothly and deliver the energy and mood that fit your event. Learn more about our DJ services after you finish the blog, or contact us now for more information.

Why You Should Secure High-Quality Sound for Your Wedding

Many couples find themselves struggling to choose between hiring a wedding DJ and DIYing their music. At first it can seem easier to plug in your phone and let a playlist run, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. The audio needs of your wedding include more than just music — you’ll also need a setup to cover vocal audio, such as the exchanging of vows between the couple and toasts from guests.

Relying on a DIY phone and speaker setup for your wedding is not the safest choice. Even venue-provided sound systems can result in audio problems if they are older models or incompatible with your device. Without a high-quality sound system and a professional operator, many things can go awry that could break your wedding day bliss. For example, audio that is too low or full of buzzing, humming, or breaks will distract from the moment rather than enhance it. This can cause your guests to struggle to pay attention to the ceremony, while guests who cannot hear well may miss out on the precious moment altogether.

At Entertainment Unlimited, we provide all-inclusive DJ services that cover music and sound from the start of your ceremony to the final song of the night. Because we use our own systems, you can trust that we understand what we’re working with. We also have backup equipment to ensure your wedding will continue seamlessly, should any original equipment fail.

Do I Really Need to Hire a DJ for My Wedding?

We go into more detail on the question in a previous post, so be sure to check it out to learn more. In short, hiring a DJ will give you peace of mind and complete freedom to enjoy your wedding without worrying about music or sound. You can answer this question based on how you would answer many other wedding planning questions: Should I bake my own wedding cake? Should I sew my own wedding dress? Should I cook all the food for the reception?

Incorporating DIY options into your wedding can be helpful to keep costs down and apply your own unique touches, but it’s important to evaluate the potential consequences of doing so. When it comes to handling the music and sound for your own wedding, technical difficulties can ruin the most important, once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Hire a DJ with Wedding Experience

Our professional DJs have years of experience DJing weddings specifically — this is an important factor to consider when choosing a DJ. Someone who has spent their entire career only working school proms or amateur events is not qualified to handle a wedding. If you’re going to invest in a DJ for your wedding, choose a professional.

Having wedding experience as a DJ is not just about the hard skills involved in using the equipment. If that were the case, any skilled DJ could handle the task. A wedding DJ also has the interpersonal skills needed to coordinate with other wedding professionals, from the venue managers to caterers and more.They can also read the room to help determine appropriate transition times.

Entertainment Unlimited DJs are here for you through your entire wedding planning process. We start by ensuring that you are paired with a DJ who suits your personality and your desired mood for your wedding. Your DJ will help you answer any questions you have along the way, but they will also have the foresight to ask you questions. Because of our long history as wedding DJs, we can often provide guidance on matters that you may not consider otherwise, from technical components to incorporating music that fits each phase of your wedding.

Learn More in Our Next Post!

Begin the process of booking a wedding DJ with Entertainment Unlimited today, and be sure to check out part two of this blog here! In the next post, we’ll be going over more specific services we can provide to ensure that your wedding music and sound is the best it can be.

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