How To Choose Your Wedding Songs Part II

More Songs You Need to Choose for Your Wedding Day

In our last blog post, we talked about choosing songs for all of the moments in the first half of your wedding day, from pre-ceremony to the first kiss. In today’s post, we’re breaking down the second set of songs you need to choose to ensure the second half of your wedding day bliss is accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. Keep reading to discover all the moments that need melodies!

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Wedding Songs for the Second Half of Your Big Day

Reception — Transition, Couple Entrance, and Main Meal

In our last post, we left off at the point where the newlyweds exit the ceremony area. Now that your guests are ready for the reception, it’s time to use music to help move the party along. The transition music from the ceremony space to the reception area should fit the theme of your wedding. During this time, your guests will likely be enjoying some drinks and small snacks to tide themselves over until your main wedding meal, as well as conversing with one another, so be mindful of the volume. The right music will entertain your guests and maintain the mood while you, your new spouse, and your wedding party take pictures with your photographer.

Once you’ve finished taking photos and perhaps transitioning into your reception attire, you’ll likely want a catchy, upbeat song to serve as the newlywed’s entrance music. This isn’t to be confused with the first dance — it’s simply a way to ensure the spotlight is on the couple as they enter the reception area. After this, you’ll likely go back to the playlist that was used to transition to the reception, using it throughout the duration of the main meal.

First Dance — Bride and Groom

The first dance typically happens after the meal winds down. Often, the couple will choose a song that has significance in their relationship. Maybe it’s the song that played on the radio during your first date, or a mutual favorite you bonded over.

If you both have different tastes in music, consider finding a neutral option or going for something completely different than what either of you would normally choose. The most important aspect of your first dance song is that it helps create a meaningful connection between the two of you during this intimate moment. You may even choose to have a private first dance, or get creative with choreography to a popular song.

Parent/Child Dances — Mother-Son and Father-Daughter Dances

In some traditional weddings, the father-daughter dance will actually happen before the first dance as a final nod to the father’s role in giving the bride away. Regardless of when it happens, the song you choose for this dance is completely dependent on the bond between the father and the bride. Some choose a song with lyrics specifically written to describe this relationship, which can be an excellent option to tug at those heartstrings! If big emotional moments aren’t your thing, you can choose a more lighthearted or upbeat song.

The mother-song dance song can be chosen in a similar fashion — pick what feels right for the relationship between the groom and his mother. Some may choose a slow song with classic dance moves like turns, dips, and spins, while others may feel more comfortable swaying along to something short and sweet. The ultimate goal of the parent-child dances should be to create a memorable moment that allows each pair to connect during this very special, but often hectic day.

Reception (Post-Meal) — Open the Dance Floor

If you were waiting for the perfect moment to pump up the volume and break out your favorite beats, this is the time. Now that everyone has had the chance to meet new people, catch up with friends, and enjoy a delicious meal, you can rev up the music and go all-out on the dance floor. There’s no need to stick with your wedding theme at this point — just pick fun, danceable songs you and your guests will enjoy.

Your wedding DJ will play an important role in the dance music for your reception. Once you’ve told your DJ the types of music you like and suggested a few songs, they’ll use their experience to create your playlist. This is a good time to be flexible, and your guests may want to make requests, and your DJ will make an effort to play music that caters to the audience to help everyone feel included. At Entertainment Unlimited, our DJs understand how to read the room so that grandparents, parents, teens, couples, and everyone else at your wedding has their chance to dance to something they resonate with.

Send Off — Pairs Well with Rice or Sparklers

As your wedding day comes to a close, you’ll likely be left with fewer guests than you had at the start of the ceremony. As the crowd begins to lose energy and trickle out, you’ll start to realize when is the best time to tie off the celebration and move on to your honeymoon. For one last burst of energy, be sure to choose the perfect send-off song! Gather your remaining guests and ensure that everyone has any special elements you’re using to facilitate your farewell. This could be rice, bubbles, sparklers, glitter, party poppers — it’s up to you. Your DJ will cue the music, and you might just breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it’s finally time to relax!

Choose the Right Wedding DJ for a Seamless Experience

Know that you know all of the songs you need to choose for your wedding day, be sure to choose the right wedding DJ! If you’re tying the knot in New England or Florida, Entertainment Unlimited would be delighted to pair you with the perfect DJ for your personality and plans. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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