Do I Need A DJ For My Wedding?

So, You’re Planning A Wedding

You’ve revealed in the post-engagement bliss for a few days, and now it’s time to dive deep into planning your wedding. First of all, congratulations! This is an exciting milestone in life, and you deserve plenty of support during this time. This includes support while planning your wedding, specifically in the context of music and sound systems. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down all the info you need to decide between hiring a DJ or going the DIY route.

At Entertainment Unlimited, we provide DJ services and more in New England, New York, and Florida. We pride ourselves on being the professional option for all your entertainment needs. When you book a wedding DJ through us, you can feel confident that your big day’s sound system and music will run smoothly. Learn more about all of our DJ services after you’ve finished reading our blog post!

Do I Need A Wedding DJ?

This is an important and personal question to ask in the early stages of wedding planning. The sooner you hire a DJ, the sooner you can begin coordinating with them to craft your perfect day. If you decide not to hire a wedding DJ, it is important to make this choice early on as well. This will give you plenty of time to put together your own approach for music and sound.

There are a few wedding types that may not benefit from hiring a DJ, such as elopements, receptions without dancing, and short, ceremony-only weddings. Most of the time, however, a DJ will play a crucial role in creating a seamless experience from the start of the ceremony to the last song of your reception. Our professional DJs have the experience and systems that fill the gaps left by DIY wedding sound.

What’s Wrong With DIY?

Your wedding is yours to plan as you please — if you are truly excited by the idea of running your own music and sound system, by all means please do so. However, there are many pitfalls you can fall into by underestimating the complexity of managing your wedding’s audio on your own.

Everything Relies On You

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but most of the components for the big day will already be handled by the time you’re walking down the aisle. This isn’t so with music and sound! If you choose to DIY this piece of your wedding, you may struggle to truly relax and live in the moment. Even designating a guest to coordinate the music and sound system can result in you feeling the need to keep an eye on them. If something goes wrong, you and the guest will be put in an awkward position that may strain the relationship.

Sound Systems Are Complex

Creating high-quality sound for your wedding relies on more than just a phone and a speaker. If you choose to go with this simple setup, your sound and music quality will suffer greatly. Guests may not be able to hear your vows or the speeches of other loved ones giving their toasts. Using a smartphone as your source of sound can easily backfire, from intercepting a call at the worst time possible to running out of battery before the reception even begins if someone forgot to bring a charger.

Renting a professional sound system will create even more problems if you or another guest are not trained in setting up and managing them. The last thing you want to deal with during your wedding is a technical difficulty that completely dissolves the enchantment of your special moment.

Someone Draws The Short Straw

While many wedding guests are happy to make some sacrifices for the bride and groom, this is typically in the form of making arrangements to arrive at your wedding in the first place. Your guests want to celebrate you and be a part of the festivities, not be sidelined as the makeshift DJ. Foregoing a professional DJ often means leaving the responsibility in the hands of one of your guests, who will no longer be as free to enjoy all aspects of your ceremony and reception.

Why Hire A Wedding DJ?

In reality, hiring a DJ is about much more than just ensuring music is playing during your wedding. An experienced, professional DJ becomes part of your wedding planning process from the moment you choose them until you leave your venue as a newly married couple. What are the benefits of hiring a wedding DJ?

Zero Stress, Zero Worries

Perhaps one of the greatest things about hiring a wedding DJ is that they handle all of the music and sound for you! With Entertainment Unlimited, you can trust that we have the experience and equipment necessary to pull off flawless wedding sound. You won’t need to supervise anything. Even in a worst-case scenario, we provide complete backup systems and on-call DJs who can quickly develop a strategy to fulfill your original plans. Our goal is to make it so that the only reason you’ll check in with us is to request a song or express how much fun you’re having!

We Pair You With A DJ You’ll Love

Not every DJ will be the best fit for every couple, which is why we take great care to match you up with the right DJ for your personality and event preferences. Our DJ-pairing process ensures that you receive the soundscape that fits your wedding dreams, whether they be something intimate and sweet or energetic and made for dancing. Your DJ will work with you to craft the perfect playlist for every moment, from walking down the aisle to the first dance and send-off song.

We Have The Sound System You Need

Imagine your disappointment at seeing your flawless venue riddled with cords and unsightly equipment. We can’t speak for other wedding DJs, but at Entertainment Unlimited, we provide wireless sound systems to ensure a clean setup with zero trip hazards. This allows you to fully customize the placement of all sound equipment without relying on the location of outlets in your venue. Our inconspicuous wireless mics eliminate the need for bulky stands or face-covering handheld mics, providing the most open view for photos. These wireless systems are also ideal for remote or outdoor weddings where power sources are limited or nonexistent.

Book A Wedding DJ With Entertainment Unlimited

You probably aren’t baking your own wedding cake, so why manage your own sound system? Book a professional wedding DJ through Entertainment Unlimited in New England, New York, New Jersey, and Florida to ensure your big day sounds as beautiful as you deserve.

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