DJ New England: How To Choose Your Wedding Songs Part I

Creating Your Perfect Wedding Playlist

Music is a key component of your wedding day, and you probably have a need for more songs than you think — there’s more to cover than the first dance and walking down the aisle! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the first set of moments on your wedding timeline that will truly shine with the perfect songs. Stay tuned for part two of this blog series to learn about more items on your wedding day itinerary that you should pair with music.

At Entertainment Unlimited, we provide professional wedding DJ services and more. We don’t just play your music — we help you craft the perfect big day through mindful DJ selection, seamless sound system setup, reliable backups, and coordination with your venue and other services. We also help you create a playlist that covers every stage of your wedding, from pre-ceremony to the final send off and everything in between. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding DJ services or set up your consultation!

What Songs Do I Need to Choose for My Wedding?

Prelude — The Pre-Ceremony Playlist

The prelude music is a collection of songs that will be played as your guests enter the venue and take their seats. Typically, this music is soft and upbeat and allows for guests to comfortably interact with one another without talking too loudly. Our DJs can work with you to create a customized playlist for this time, and we also have the experience to craft a playlist to fit your theme while you tend to other wedding-planning matters.

Processional — Wedding Party Entrance

The processional marks the point at which the wedding party, family members, and the groom walk down the aisle and take their places, either in a seat or surrounding the altar. Typically the music used for this moment is instrumental, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose a classical song. Instrumental covers of modern-day music are typically easy to find and allow you to maintain a consistent theme for your wedding. Using a song with lyrics is also appropriate, especially if you’ll be having a nontraditional, choreographed processional!

Bridal Processional — Here Comes the Bride

As a bride, the bridal processional is one of the most important moments to highlight with music. If you imagine this moment playing out in total silence, you can see how lacking it would be. The best song for the bridal processional is something that reflects the personality of the bride and makes her feel comfortable and confident. You can also choose to walk down the aisle to a live song played by a musician or wedding band. Your Entertainment Unlimited DJ can ensure that your live song coordinates seamlessly with your existing playlist, and we also provide live music as part of our services.

While you may choose to use the same song for both the wedding party and bridal processionals, switching to a different song to welcome the bride can truly elevate this moment. The anticipation that grows as the first song fades and the resulting delight as the bride enters to her personal melody creates an experience that everyone will remember.

Ceremony Supplements — Background or Special Elements

Depending on what feels right to you, you can choose to play or omit music during the ceremony itself. It may be appropriate to play very soft music in the background as you (the couple) and your officiant walk through the ceremony, but it is important to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with this special moment. If you plan to play music while anyone is speaking, be sure to choose instrumental songs so that there are no lyrics to distract the speaker or the guests.

A more common way to include music in your ceremony is by playing it during natural pauses or while carrying out special elements, such as religious or cultural traditions, prayers, or moments of reflection. Playing music during these times allows you to avoid awkward silences and can help you feel more comfortable taking all the time you need to soak in these meaningful moments, such as lighting a unity candle or pouring two separate portions of sand into a single container. At Entertainment Unlimited, our DJs have the experience necessary to orchestrate precisely timed ceremony music to ensure every moment is magical.

Recessional — Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party Exit

The recessional is a transitional moment in the wedding that typically changes the mood from sentimental and intimate to celebratory and inviting. One of the best times to cue the recessional song is at the moment the bride and groom kiss for the first time as a married couple, as this moment naturally facilitates the move to the next portion of your wedding day.

The married couple and the entire wedding party will exit the ceremony space at this time, so be sure that the duration of your song is appropriate for the size of your wedding party, the length of the aisle, and the time your guests will mingle before heading to the reception area. If you chose not to have a wedding party or have an alternative arrangement, such as only a best man and maid of honor, consider how this will affect your recessional music choice.

Check Out The Next Post for More Wedding Music You Need to Choose

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about all of the moments that need music during the first half of your wedding day. In our next blog post, we’ll discuss how to craft the perfect playlist for the second half of the day, from the reception to the final send off.

At Entertainment Unlimited, we understand that every wedding is unique, and that you may choose to include fewer, more, or all of the elements we discussed in this blog post. However you structure your wedding, our DJs can make sure your music and sound is in perfect harmony with the other elements of your big day. Contact us today to get started!

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