How many DJs do you have on staff?

Entertainment Unlimited has more than 10 trained professional DJs on staff.

What style category does Entertainment Unlimited fall under?

We are a classy, professional entertainment company. Our staff is fun, energetic, and tasteful, as opposed to the often tacky or cheesy alternatives. All clients are asked to meet with their potential DJ prior to making any decisions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Do you have on-call backup staff available?

Having backup personnel is what guarantees our service, no matter what! Replacements are always on call and ready to step in at a moment's notice.

Do you have backup equipment?

We understand that proper preparation prevents poor performance. If your event doesn’t go according to plan, our DJs are equipped with a complete backup, which includes laptops and additional sound systems.

Do you coordinate with catering, photography, and facility managers?

All the above! We know how to manage all of the details to ensure things fall into place for your event. Our staff is incredibly experienced with the process, so much so that everything will feel effortless on your end!

Will you coordinate with the officiant regarding the sound system?

The exchanging of vows is very important to both the couple and the guests at the ceremony. We confirm prior to the wedding whether or not sound is covered during the ceremony, to ensure that everyone can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

When should the “first dance” begin?

The first dance at your wedding should always begin when you are being introduced into the room at your reception. At this point, all the attention is on you, and it makes for the best photo!

Why should I hire a DJ for my event?

When it comes to music entertainment and coordinating a perfect event, there are major differences between hiring a DJ who knows how to properly run the event and read a crowd, versus a preset playlist run by a host or guest. Hiring a professional is vital if you want everyone at your event to have a good time and stay on the dance floor!

How far in advance should I book my wedding?

We recommend booking your wedding at least nine months in advance. This allows you enough time to secure additional rentals and services (including your DJ!).

What are the advantages of uplighting?

Uplighting provides a visual enhancement to the architecture of a room. It will also improve the ambiance of the space and highlight your decor.

What are some tips for photo booth rentals?

We recommend the following in regards to photo booth rentals: Be mindful of the costs, confirm the equipment and props included with your package, and ask if you will receive a copy of the pictures online or on a DVD.

What do people love most about the DJs at Entertainment Unlimited?

Our clients rave about our responsiveness and the opportunity to directly speak with our owner. We have built trust through our punctuality, preparation, attention to detail, and flexibility. From precious wedding moments to high-energy dance-offs, we’re experts at setting the right mood with the right music.