At your wedding ceremony, our goal is to ensure everyone can clearly hear and enjoy every moment — from the vows and ring exchange to the couple’s unique elements and everything in between. Depending on the location venues offer, the setup may need to be adjusted accordingly. All of our DJs on staff are qualified to adapt to any situation and correct technical difficulties so the sound management for your big day goes smoothly.

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Avoid outlets and obnoxious stand adjustments 

You don’t have to settle for sound system eyesores like wires and handheld microphones on your wedding day. Entertainment Unlimited is equipped with wireless ceremony systems to ensure your venue and photos are free from wires and face-blocking mics. This also allows us to flexibly arrange the sound system to maximize visual appeal and ensure the quality and clarity of the sound for every guest.


We understand everyone is different — sometimes you just want to go off script and incorporate your own creative ideas. Consider us a tool in ensuring your ceremony goes exactly as envisioned.

Ask about our off-site ceremony systems and how you can submit your custom timeline and playlist information within your account using our online client database system.


As a duly ordained minister of American Marriage Ministries, we are granted full authority to perform all ceremonial duties at your wedding. Set up an appointment today to meet with one of our officiants face-to-face. We will never pressure you into making any decisions — take your time and choose the best officiant for you!

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